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The Sims Turns 17 This Week and Is Celebrating With Free Game Giveaways

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The Sims Turns 17 This Week and Is Celebrating With Free Game Giveaways

A week long celebration.

I remember being in fifth or sixth grade when my buddy on the lunch line started telling me about this amazing sounding game from the people who make Sim City. How instead of building a city, you’re actually just controlling the individual people and living out their normal every day lives. That sounded pretty amazing to fifth grade me, and it turns out it was an awesome experience for others as well.

The Sims is turning 17 years old this week if you can believe it. To celebrate the occasion the developer of the The Sims, Maxis, is doing a week of giveaways and free stuff, including a new update that goes live today in The Sims 4 and will give everyone a free 17th anniversary celebratory shirt.

Also there will be daily game giveaways on The Sims’ Twitter with prizes ranging from the base game to expansions.

Finally, there will be an origin sale of The Sims 4 (in the likely event you don’t win a free copy) as well as featured Twitch streams from their community throughout the week.

I haven’t played since the very first Sims, but our Publisher Yami adores the franchise. How far into the series did you go over the last 17 years? Let us know in the comments.


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