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Player Gets Banned From For Honor Without Even Owning the Game

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Player Gets Banned From For Honor Without Even Owning the Game

Well, that’s something.

A growing number of For Honor players are claiming they were unjustly banned by Ubisoft’s anti-cheat program. One person has even claimed to have received a ban…even though he doesn’t actually own For Honor (he played the beta).

Wrongfully banned players claim that despite not utilizing any type of third party program, they received a 0006000043 error code. This means that Ubisoft’s EasyAntiCheat system detected a hacking program, which then lead to the supposedly offending accounts being banned. This problem is far from new, as players have reported being wrongfully banned during For Honor’s beta and despite Ubisoft releasing patch’s to improve their anti-cheat system, this issue is still being reported by players.

While Ubisoft has yet to offer any reasons why innocent players might be getting banned, there does exist a theory among the community as to what the cause actually is. Some feel that using an Xpadder controller can lead to getting hit with the ban-hammer. This is due to the fact that Ubisoft does not allow the use of macro programs, which may lead to Ubisoft’s anti-cheat program to ban those utilizing an Xpadder controller.

Even if this is true, this is likely not the only piece of the puzzle as some players have claimed they do not own an Xpadder controller and yet were still banned. Hopefully, if there are For Honor players being unjustly banned, Ubisoft will quickly resolve these issues so that only those who actually cheat are banned.


This post was originally written as Preston Lewis Jr.

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