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Nioh: How to Use the Spirit Guardian’s Special Power (Living Weapon)


Nioh: How to Use the Spirit Guardian’s Special Power (Living Weapon)

Living Weapon Attack – Nioh

Nioh puts a lot of different offensive tools at each player’s disposal to help them survive the sometimes overwhelming threat of a supernaturally gripped Japan. One of those tools is a special ability called a Living Weapon which is tied to your chosen spirit guardian. This ability is quite useful because it renders the player invulnerable for a few seconds while also providing elemental damage, as well as a useful buff.

In order to utilize this ability, you must first charge it up. This is done by inflicting damage on and defeating enemies you come across. It charges at a moderate rate, so you can actually employ the Living Weapon fairly often without it becoming too easy to obtain and a crutch. Once it’s charged up, press Triangle + Circle and it will activate.

You’ll start to glow as your spirit guardian quickly attacks whoever is close to you before going into your weapon. Now just fight as always with the added advantage of things like increased attack, speed, poison damage, and more. It only lasts for a few seconds, but is perfect for clearing out a crowd or finishing off a tough boss that you need to get close to.

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