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Nioh Fourth Boss Guide: How to Beat Nue


Nioh Fourth Boss Guide: How to Beat Nue

Super lightning dog.

How to Beat Nue – Nioh Fourth Boss Guide

Nue is the fourth boss you’ll encounter in Nioh, and he can be very deadly if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you thought Hino-Enma‘s paralysis attacks were hell, wait till you see Nue’s lightning attacks which not only inflict paralysis, but can also deplete your entire health bar if you don’t have appropriate gear.

This fight doesn’t have any phases, so you’ve just got to get used to Nue’s attack patterns and you’ll be fine. At the start of the fight, be careful not to get too close for greedy hits. Nue will summon a bolt of lightning to his position, inflicting a large amount of damage to anyone nearby. His melee attacks are fairly simple to read; Nue will hold up his left paw and swipe, and then follow up with a second swipe with his other paw. If you dodge both, you’ll be able to go in for an attack or two.

His ranged attacks are the ones you’ve really got to look out for. His most dangerous attack allows him to summon four bolts of lightning that track your position. Nue will pause in his tracks and his body will shake slightly. Once you see him do this, start sprinting to avoid the bolts. If you get in close after the fourth bolt to do some damage, roll away after a couple of attacks as he’ll usually retaliate with a tail swipe. If you create distance between Nue and yourself, he will occasionally perform a forward roll towards you. Once he rolls, make sure to step to his side, and not his back. Immediately after the roll, lightning bolts will strike the area behind Nue, and it could potentially insta-kill you if you try to go for back attacks.

Apart from that, Nue has two more ranged attacks that will allow you to get some easy hits in. The first involves him breathing a cloud of poison gas in front of him. You can out-range this pretty easily, or sidestep to hit his rear. His last ranged attack has him spew lightning from his mouth in a straight beam. Nue rotates his head while using the lightning beam, from his left to right, so you’ll always want to dodge to your left when he does this.

This beam attack can hurt a lot, but it’s also the one attack that will allow you to stagger him and do the largest amount of damage. Whenever he does the lightning beam, dodge to the left and slightly forward so that you’re closer to his face. If you strike his face while he’s using the beam, Nue will be instantly drained of all his stamina, opening him up to a lot of free and easy hits. Feel free to go to town on him at this point, and just watch out when he lifts his head upwards, as that’s the signal for you to back away while he summons another bolt.

That’s basically it for the fight against Nue in Nioh. Learn to read his patterns, and try to bait out the beam by staying in mid-range of him. By baiting that attack and constantly stunning him, the fight will be over in no time at all.

Now that you know how to beat Nue, Nioh’s fourth boss, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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