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Nioh: All Pre-Order Bonuses & Special Editions


Nioh: All Pre-Order Bonuses & Special Editions

Nioh Digital Deluxe Edition – $79.99

The only available special edition is the Digital Deluxe bundle, which includes the game, some bonus weapons, and the game’s season pass. The season pass is expected to include three story chapters offering new enemies and quests, though the release dates of these entries are unconfirmed and the contents are subject to change.

Digital Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Full game
  • Five in-game weapons inspired by those found on Nioh statues across Japan
  • Season pass to unlock three pieces of DLC containing extra missions and story as well as a PS4 Avatar


Nioh’s Season Pass includes:

  • Dragon of the North – Venture deep into Japan’s embattled Northern provinces
  • Defiant Honor – Fight in the bloody Winter Campaign of the Siege of Osaka
  • Bloodshed’s End – Bring the Siege of Osaka to an end during the Summer Campaign


Nioh Pre-Order Bonuses

There are pre-order bonuses on the table for players: a dynamic theme (seen above) and a special armor set (seen below).

Pre-Order Bonuses include:

  • Bloody Grave Dynamic Theme Instant Reward
  • Nioh Armor to wear in-game, inspired by the ancient Nioh statues that stand guard at temples across Japan


Pre-Order + Early Purchase Bonus

If you pre-order or buy the game before 2/21/17, you’ll get the Crimson Master Armor (pictured below), an in-game armor set inpsired by famed samurai Yukimura Sanada.


Which version or bonus are you looking to pick up? Let us know in the comments below!


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