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Night in the Woods: How to Unlock Basement Safe Code


Night in the Woods: How to Unlock Basement Safe Code


Night in the Woods, the indie adventure game, finally released on PC and PlayStation 4 this week. The game follows Mae Borowski, a young cat who returns to her home town after dropping out of college. It’s a primarily a narrative focused game that tells its story through interactions with characters and meaningful conversations, but secrets are scattered throughout its world. One particular secret involves a room in Mae’s house that is blocked by a pile of boxes. Once you have discovered it (the door below the stairs on the first floor) Mae will bring it up in conversation with her Dad each night in an attempt to persuade him to move the obstruction.

After a few days, Mae’s Dad will reluctantly agree to move the boxes and the next morning they will be gone, leaving the room free to explore. All you will find there is a safe that requires a code. No information is given on how to find the code, you simply have to search.

The code is located just outside the room, in the bookcase along the hallway. Mae will look at the bookcase and will be reminded of her grandfather by one of the books. In the book, a code in written and Mae will make note of it in her journal.

You do not need to know what the code is. Return to the safe and interact with it and it will open, awarding you with a tooth.

That is how to open the safe in the basement in Night in the Woods. For more on the game, be sure to check back at Twinfinite.

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