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How Long Sniper Elite 4 Is & How Many Missions There Are


How Long Sniper Elite 4 Is & How Many Missions There Are

How Long Is Sniper Elite 4?

Sniper Elite 4 is the latest tactical shooter from Rebellion Developments, where players take on the sniper role and take down their targets with stealth and precision. Its campaign is built of a number of challenges, which will test not only your mettle, but your ability to patiently take down foes. That said, how long is Sniper Elite 4 and its story?

Depending on your play style, the campaign can range anywhere from 12 to 20 hours of play. If you’re going to play at the best stealth level, waiting for targets to move into position and slowly making your way across maps, then you’ll clock in towards the 20 hour range. If you’re a little brasher, and don’t fear getting caught out now and then, you may find a few less hours of playtime on your hands.


How Many Missions Does Sniper Elite 4 Have?

The campaign is broken down into ten missions, each of which can take one to two hours to complete. Take a look below for the mission names, but beware, their titles may include minor story spoilers. If you don’t want to know where the campaign will take you, look away.


Sniper Elite 4 Missions

  1. San Celini Island
  2. Bitanti Village
  3. Regilino Viaduct
  4. Lorino Dockyard
  5. Abrunza Monastery
  6. Magazzeno Facility
  7. Giovi Fiorini Mansion
  8. Allagra Fortress
  9. Compound
  10. Railyard



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