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Horizon Zero Dawn: All Banuk Figure Locations Guide


Horizon Zero Dawn: All Banuk Figure Locations Guide

All Banuk Figure Locations Guide – Horizon Zero Dawn

The Banuk are a peaceful tribe located in the very north east of the map. While they live peaceful lives, largely isolated from the rest of the world, one Banuk crafted a number of different figures and left them scattered around the world. These are left in offering under a tribal mark, along with a strip of parchment bearing hand-written glyphs.

Banuk Figures can actually be used to trade with the Artifact Collectibles Specialty Merchant located in the west of Meridian city. She also has a map that you can use to reveal all of their rough locations on your map, but if you want to save your resources, we’ve got a bunch of descriptions for the figures below.

There are six Banuk Figures in total for you to find, each requiring you to scale a tricky route for you to reach them. Once you know the rough location, just keep an eye out for the brightly colored markings and scale the nearby hold points. Before long, you’ll have added a Banuk Figure to your collection in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Please note that this guide is a work-in-progress. As we find more of Horizon Zero Dawn’s Banuk Figures, we’ll update this guide.

  • Punishment Banuk Figure Location – Head to the Banuk Encampment at the very north east area of your map. Head south and hug the wall on your left until you reach a Glinthawk site. At the same time, you should start seeing the bright colors indicating a Banuk figure nearby. Make your way up this relatively simple climb, following the path of hold points for Aloy to grab onto, and the Punishment Banuk Figure will be waiting for you at the top.
  • I Cannot Confess Banuk Figure Location – Head to the campfire north west of Meridian, just south of the Charger site. Use the rappel branch to drop down and then slowly make your way to the bottom of the cliff. When you’re back on solid ground, follow the path south until you see the brightly colored markings on the rock. Look for the lowest hold point that Aloy can grab onto and start your ascent. You should find Aloy is slowly moving over to the right until she’s above a ledge. Drop down and follow it around before jumping back onto the climb points. Let Aloy find her own patch and occasionally press X to have her jump to the next hold. Eventually, you’ll reach the top and you can get the I Cannot Confess Banuk Figure.
  • The Vision Banuk Figure Location – Head to Sunfall on the far west of the map and then head south, hugging the cliff side on your right. It shouldn’t be too long until you see more of the brightly colored markings right by a bunch of Chargers. Make your way to the post with the flag on it and begin your ascent. You’ll need to press X for Aloy to make some of the jumps as they’re pretty far, but you should soon find yourself on a small ledge slightly left from where you started. Grab hold of the hold point on the round rock directly in front of you and climb to the top. You’ll then need to manually jump across the gap to grab the hold on the other side of the gap. Follow the convenient path of holds up and take the tight rope across. This Banuk Figure will be waiting for you here.

With all of the Banuk Figures locations in your hands, feel free to trade them with the Merchant in Meridian for some treasure boxes. For more tips, tricks, and information on Horizon Zero Dawn, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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