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Halo Wars 2: How to Download the Day One Update


Halo Wars 2: How to Download the Day One Update

Day One Update – Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2, the sequel to the popular spinoff, is now out on Xbox One and PC. The RTS title picks up 28 years after the original game, as the crew of the Spirit of Fire wake up from cryosleep and find themselves on the mysterious Forerunner installation known as The Ark.

With all of the multiplayer and online functions in the game you can expect a few patches following launch. Luckily, a small Day One patch has already hit for both Xbox One and PC. It wasn’t a typical patch according to a 343 spokesperson on Reddit, as it didn’t prompt players to update their game. Instead, when you start up Halo Wars 2 you should get a pop-up screen saying “An update was applied and the game will now be restarted.” Then after updating, you’ll be good to play. 343 hasn’t published any patch notes for the update, as it was just a small server tweak apparently.

Typical updates and patches automatically download and apply on Xbox One. Still, if you want to make sure of any updates for your game on you can always take a look manually. Hit the Games & Apps box on the right side of your screen, and you’ll see the new window come up. The Halo Wars 2 Day One patch shouldn’t appear in this section, but it’s still a good thing to check. If you scroll down to your Queue you’ll see a section for recently installed items, and anything you might have downloading currently. Above the Queue is an Updates tab, where you’ll see any games or apps that currently have an update ready to be installed. To do this, just hover over a game and hit the start button, then scroll down to update.

Upcoming Update on PC – Halo Wars 2

In addition to the small Day One patch, Halo Wars 2 also has another small patch in the works on PC. There’s no word on what changes may be coming or when the update will hit, but a 343 spokesperson on Reddit did say, “There’s another small patch for PC pending cert right now with some fixes and then larger update is in parallel development right now (will be sharing details/notes as soon as I can get my hands on them).”

We’ll make sure to update this article should any more info on patches become available.

For more help, tips, and guides on Halo Wars 2, make sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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