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Halo Wars 2: How to Get a Super Scarab


Halo Wars 2: How to Get a Super Scarab

In Halo Wars 2, both opposing factions have a super unit that can be called onto the battlefield in the mid-late game to wreck havoc on the battlefield. While they are not invincible and certainly don’t end the game just by existing, they do have a ton of HP and require a lot of effort to take down as compared to the average unit. Each of the Banished Covenant factions can call down the massive Scarab unit once certain conditions are met.

In order to get the Scarab in Halo Wars 2, the first thing you have to do is upgrade your main base to level 3 (a Fortress). In order to do that, you need to make sure you have at least 1,000 power and then choose the upgrade to level 2 option from your primary base. After that, the Scarab super unit will appear in the War Council building (make sure to build that as well) but you might not be able to build it right away. The Scarab has massive resource requirements. You’ll need 2,000 supplies and power, as well as 40 free unit space. So although it’s not required, it’s recommended you invest in the reinforcement upgrade found in the War Council at least one time, so you can have room for an army to support your scarab.

Once you meet all those conditions, you’re free to call down a Scarab. Just keep in mind, it takes a few minutes to actually build, so you shouldn’t be counting on it to save you if you’re being attacked. Instead, it’s better used as a tool to soak up damage in a big potentially game ending offensive push.

That does it for how to get the Scarab in Halo Wars 2. If you’re still having trouble, let us know down in the comments.

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