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Halo Wars 2: How to Get Blitz Cards


Halo Wars 2: How to Get Blitz Cards

How to Get Blitz Cards – Halo Wars 2

Blitz is the brand new multiplayer mode hitting Halo Wars 2, combining elements of RTS games with card collecting. In the mode, you choose your leader and then which deck you want to use. You can unlock new cards and swap them out of your deck, customizing it with the units and abilities you like best. The cards take the place of building units at your base, and are the only way for you to build your army in Blitz.

Considering how much you can customize your deck, you’ll no doubt be wondering just how you can get Blitz cards. There are actually quite a few different ways of obtaining new Blitz Cards, and Halo Wars 2 is pretty generous with them. First and foremost the easiest way to get Blitz Cards is by beating the game’s three tutorials, which can be done while it installs. Beating each one will grant you a pack of five random cards. Additionally, beating each of the campaign missions will unlock another pack for you to open.

Finally, the other way to get Blitz cards in-game is by ranking up your Service Record. Every rank you gain will give you one pack of Blitz Cards to open. Of course, you can get plenty of card packs by purchasing them as DLC for real world money. Additionally, if you happen to get any character specific DLC unlocking new commanders for multiplayer, you’ll get Blitz Card packs with them as well.

For more help and tips on Halo Wars 2, make sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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