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For Honor: How to Parry


For Honor: How to Parry

How to Parry – For Honor

For those who are looking to soak their swords in the blood of their enemies, understanding how to parry an attack is key. It’s easy to get lost in all the chaos, and since For Honor is rather mum at times with mechanics such as this, mastering the parry will drastically increase your survivability. It’s important to understand that blocking and parrying an attack are not the same thing in For Honor, as one will simply neutralize the damage while the other negates it and drains some of your foe’s stamina.

To initiate a parry, first lock onto your target with the left trigger and make sure you are in the same stance as your foe. This can be easily discerned by the location your opponents weapon, so make sure to match it via the block symbol at the bottom half of your screen. Once they attack, you will need to hit either RT or R2 depending on your controller. Wait until they are about to hit you, however, because if executed properly, your foe will have a lot of stamina drained. If not, it will register as a simple block and you will take a chunk of damage to your stamina.

This move will allow you to follow up with a blitz of attacks and go on the offensive. Just remember your opponent can parry you, so try to be unpredictable and change your stances often. The last thing you want is to just mash the same attack and then find yourself without any stamina. Understanding the flow of combat will be key in For Honor and mastering this mechanic is something you’ll desperately need in higher levels of play.

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