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For Honor: How to Get Mythic Outfits


For Honor: How to Get Mythic Outfits

How to Get Mythic Outfits – For Honor

There are a lot of different pieces of armor a player can wear, customize, and color, however none are more coveted than the Mythic Outfits in For Honor. These flashy getups are the most expensive items in all of For Honor due to their special design, which is not acquirable through any other means. In order to purchase these outfits, players will need to get a lot of Steel (For Honor’s currency) as they cost around 15,000 steel a pop. Steel is obtained by either purchasing it via a store or earning it in-game by completing matches and Orders.

If you want to view these Mythic Outfits before buying them, go to your selected Hero and then enter the Customize tab. From here, go into Appearance and then into Outfits. There are a number of different looks you can acquire, with Battle being the cheapest and Mythic the most expensive. Scroll over to Mythic and you will have your outfit displayed on the right-hand side along with a custom ornament, color, pattern, and effect. These all come with the outfit when you buy it so don’t worry if you haven’t purchased that specific effect.

The best way to get Steel outside of outright buying it with real money (which is never ideal), you will want to complete as many Orders in For Honor as possible. These offer the best payout for Steel and will help you get one of the Mythic Outfits faster. However, make sure you are certain that you want one of these costumes as they’re non-refundable and will take up a lot of time to unlock. Though they are worth it since nothing beats looking super fancy on the battlefield while you fight off opponents.

Now that you know how to get Mythic Outfits, for more For Honor guides, tips, and walkthroughs make sure to visit out every growing wiki.

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