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For Honor: How to Raise Block Damage Resistance and What It Is


For Honor: How to Raise Block Damage Resistance and What It Is

Block Damage Resistance – For Honor

For Honor is a game about taking on enemies in brutal melee combat, but its not just about swinging your weapons around. There’s a surprising amount of stats and systems underneath the game that affect your character’s performance in battle. One of those stats is Block Damage Resistance, not the most important stat, but still something to keep in mind of nevertheless.

Whenever a character blocks they receive very small chip damage from strong attacks. It isn’t going to take off large chunks of health, but it’s still damaging you. Block Damage Resistance directly affects how much or how little chip damage you take, with higher resistance meaning you take less damage. You can boost your Block Damage Resistance by equipping pieces of equipment that do just that.

You’ll get new pieces of equipment from drops after mutliplayer matches, or you can purchase Steel with real money, and then buy equipment packs. Keep in mind that any piece of equipment that boosts your Block Damage Resistance will probably lower some other stat, so it’s a game of give and take. Just keep in mind which stats are going to affect your playstyle the most.

For more tips, help, and guides on For Honor, make sure to check out our growing wiki.

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