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For Honor: How to Fix the Group Leader Only Bug


For Honor: How to Fix the Group Leader Only Bug

Group Leader Error – For Honor

For Honor has released upon the world and players are flooding the servers to test their strength and abilities in combat. However, some players have been running into an odd issue that is telling them that their Group Leader is the one that needs to start activities. Normally, this would be fine yet players have been reporting this issue when they’re alone and not in a party. Since they’re not the group leader it effectively makes For Honor unplayable online for those users while the message is appearing.

While the direct cause of this is unknown, one way we found to fix it is to close For Honor and then restart your entire system. Just closing the application seemed to be hit or miss with results, so you may need to shut down the entire console. If the problem persists take a break for an hour or so as this could very well be a server issue given the hefty amount of players trying to all play this title online at the same time. Just sitting in the lobby however with the Group Leader message will not fix it, so at the very least restart your game and try again. Much like the network error, there are not a ton of options for fixing this problem as it’s not an issue on the player’s end but the developers.

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