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Fire Emblem Heroes: All Character Heroes and Tiers


Fire Emblem Heroes: All Character Heroes and Tiers

Fire Emblem Heroes – Tier 4 Character Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes has a ton of different character heroes you can collect and use as units in your battles. While the Tier system does go up to five stars, just about all of the heroes in the game can be obtained in lower tiers. However, the max tiers are broken down into 4 Stars and 5 Stars. Below you’ll find all the 4 Star units currently available in the game. In parentheses next to each hero is their Attribute and Weapon choice.

Arthur, the Hapless Hero (Ax, Wind)

Azama, the Carefree Monk (Archer, Ninja)

Barst, the Hatchet (Ax, Wind)

Bartre, the Fearless Warrior (Ax, Wind) 

Beruka, the Quiet Assassin (Ax, Wind) 

Cecilia, the Etrurian General (Ax, Wind) 

Cherche, the Wyvern Friend (Ax, Wind)

Clarine, the Refined Noble (Archer, Ninja) 

Corrin, the Fateful Princess (Lance, Thunder)

Donnel, the Village Hero (Lance, Thunder)

Draug, the Gentle Giant (Sword, Flame)

Eliwood, the Knight of Lycia (Sword, Flame) 

Est, the Junior Whitewing (Lance, Thunder) 

Felicia, the Maid Mayhem (Archer, Ninja)

Fir, the Sword Student (Sword, Flame)

Florina, the Lovely Flier (Lance, Thunder) 

Frederick, the Polite Knight (Ax, Wind) 

Gaius, the Candy Stealer (Archer, Ninja)

Gordin, the Altean Archer (Archer, Ninja) 

Gunter, the Inveterate Soldier (Ax, Wind)

Gwendolyn, the Adorable Knight (Lance, Thunder)

Hana, the Focused Samurai (Sword, Flame)

Henry, the Twisted Mind (Sword, Flame)

Hinata: the Wild Samurai (Sword, Flame)

Jagen, the Veteran Knight (Ax, Wind)

Laslow, the Dancing Duelist (Sword, Flame) 

Lissa, the Sprightly Cleric (Archer, Ninja) 

Lon’qu, the Solitary Blade (Sword, Flame)

Matthew, the Faithful Spy (Archer, Ninja) 

Niles, Cruel to Be Kind (Archer, Ninja) 

Nino, the Pious Mage (Ax, Wind) 

Oboro, the Fierce Fighter (Lance, Thunder)

Odin, the Potent Force (Lance, Thunder)

Olivia, the Blushing Beauty (Sword, Flame)

Palla, the Eldest Whitewing (Sword, Flame) 

Raigh, the Dark Child (Sword, Flame) 

Saizo, the Angry Ninja (Archer, Ninja) 

Sakura, the Loving Priestess (Archer, Ninja) 

Selena, the Cutting Wit (Sword, Flame) 

Serra, the Outspoken Cleric (Archer, Ninja) 

Setsuna, the Absent Archer (Archer, Ninja) 

Shanna, the Sprightly Flier (Lance, Thunder)

Sophia, the Nabata Prophet (Sword, Flame)

Stahl, the Viridian Knight (Sword, Flame) 

Subaki, the Perfect Expert (Lance, Thunder)

Sully, the Crimson Knight (Lance, Thunder) 

Tiki, Naga’s Voice (Sword, Flame) 

Virion, the Elite Archer (Archer, Ninja)

Wrys, the Kindly Priest (Archer, Ninja)

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