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Final Fantasy XV’s ‘Power Rangers’ Suits Are Going to Be Altered

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Final Fantasy XV’s ‘Power Rangers’ Suits Are Going to Be Altered

Why can’t Power Rangers exist in Final Fantasy XV’s world?

When we heard the news of invincibility suits coming to Final Fantasy XV, we were ecstatic, especially when we realized that these Magitek Exosuits looked like something straight from the Power Rangers. But it turns out that the designs are going to be changed and the release date for the DLC will be pushed back, according to Square Enix marketing manager, Akio Ofuji.

During Square Enix’s big Final Fantasy anniversary event, the company announced that these suits would make players invincible for thirty minutes and have better fishing skills. This free DLC was planned to release on Feb. 21, but will now come at a later date.

Square Enix was contacted by Haim Saban, the publisher of Power Rangers, who mentioned the similarities of the suits. “They don’t look exactly the same, and as for the copyright, even if these are our original designs, it seems like they will cause problems for others,” the Director of FFXV said in defense. Still, the change is a coming.

Looks like our dream of Noctis being in the new Power Rangers movie won’t be happening.

[Via Kotaku]


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