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Final Fantasy XIV: How to Start the Valentione’s Day 2017 Quest


Final Fantasy XIV: How to Start the Valentione’s Day 2017 Quest

Get your roses ready.

Final Fantasy XIV – Valentione’s Day 2017

The seasonal Valentione’s Day event is back in Eorzea, and if you want to get in on all the lovey-dovey action, you can start doing so now. The event runs from Feb. 2 to Feb. 15, at 6.59 am PT, so make sure to get the quests done if you don’t want to miss out on the unique rewards.

To start the quest, you’ll want to head over to Old Gridania. Lisette de Valentione can be found at X: 10, 2 Y: 9, 4. Talk to her, and you’ll be able to initiate the quest “Once More With Feeling.” Simply follow Lisette’s instructions and complete the quest line to obtain your special seasonal rewards.

For this year, players will be able to get a special Dote emote that they can use with their in-game loved ones, the Angel of Mercy minion, The Kiss Orchestrion Roll, and a Paramour Vase that you can use to decorate your house or apartment with. There don’t seem to be any exclusive seasonal outfits like the vampire vest from last year’s Halloween event unfortunately, but the minion alone should be enough to entice the minion collectors out there.

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