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Yakuza 0: How to Lock Onto Enemies


Yakuza 0: How to Lock Onto Enemies

How to Lock Onto Enemies – Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 will have you facing up a ton of enemies, as the streets of Tokyo don’t take too kindly to the protagonist Kiryu. Many times, you’ll have to go up against multiple enemies at once, so it’s good to zero in and not wail your fists blindly. That’s where locking on comes in to help.

When you’re fighting, you’ll cover more ground if you focus on defeating some enemies first. You will definitely have to lock in to keep your eyes on someone, as it gets hard to do this without that. When you’re fighting, hold R1 and use your control stick to move around. You’ll notice that Kiryu is in a sort of fighting stance. This signals he’s locked on to whoever he’s looking at, and you’re free to throw your fists at their face.

Do keep in mind that you need to keep R1 held down in order to stay locked on. Letting go will have you going back to free-running around these hooligans. Utilizing this correctly will give you quite the edge as you face the weakened enemies first to knock them out before they cause you any trouble.

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