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Take a Look This 27 Minute Rime Gameplay Video


Take a Look This 27 Minute Rime Gameplay Video

There’s a little magic fox.

It was announced just last week that Rime was no longer going to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive; it was re-revealed as a multi-platform game, being released on PC and Xbox One, as well as the PS4.

Now, courtesy of IGN, there is a 27 minute gameplay video, which gives you a look at what Rime will actually be like to play. Take a look:

Those who have been following the game will know that it looks similar to Fumito Ueda’s work. The architecture, lonely atmosphere, and minimal style of the game echoes works like ICO and The Last Guardian. In fact, Creative Director Raul Rubio has referenced Giorgio de Chirico as an influence; de Chirico’s abstract style was a huge influence on Ueda when he came to make ICO. The game’s aesthetic here looks similar to last year’s The Witness.

There doesn’t appear to be any combat in the game, and Developer Tequila Works seems to have placed an emphasis on puzzle-solving and linear exploration. It isn’t exactly clear what the game is all about, but there’s a magic fox knocking about. So there’s that. Interested?

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