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Smite Spin-Off Card Game Has Now Entered Closed Beta

Smite Tactics

Smite Spin-Off Card Game Has Now Entered Closed Beta

All you need is a Founders Pack to play.

Yesterday, Hi-Rez Studios announced that Smite Tactics has entered closed beta; this will replace the alpha that went live back in November.

Smite Tactics is a spin-off from the MOBA; it’s a deck-building strategy card game, an entirely new take on the series and one that looks to capitalize on the success of Hearthstone.

The cards look a little bit like Hearthstone’s in fact, and a little bit like Magic: The Gathering. Players will build decks of gods and monsters to do battle with opponents. In a nice touch, the cards form 3D monsters on a stylish board that may remind you of Yu-Gi-Oh! in its format.

You can sign up for access to the closed beta by visiting the official Smite Tactics website and picking up a founders pack. This will give you 15 card packs, a legendary card pack which includes the Greek goddess Enyo, and gives you an exclusive player icon. Players of the Smite MOBA can also unlock an Enyo skin for Bellona.

You can get the Founders pack with 25% off to celebrate the Hi-Rez Expo, which means it’s currently at $15.

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