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Resident Evil 7: Where to Find the Toilet Photo Treasure


Resident Evil 7: Where to Find the Toilet Photo Treasure

Toilet Photo Treasure – Resident Evil 7

Scattered throughout the demented world of Resident Evil 7 are a few mysterious photos. These depict clues as to the location of some special items, though what’s pictured is often a super vague and random item, like a cage or a toilet bowl. If you’re having any trouble finding these rewards, we’re here to help. Here’s how to get the Toilet Treasure Photo, and where to find the Toilet Photo treasure.

Where to Find the Toilet Treasure Photo

First up, we’ve got to find the photo. Head from the trailer to the old house, and look for a set of steps to the right. They’ll be covered in vines. Within the vines, you’ll find the photo, depicting a toilet bowl near some cabinets and an ashtray.

How to Get the Toilet Photo Treasure

Thankfully, this is one of the easier photo rewards to get, not requiring you progress super far into the game nor face some horror. Simply head back to your trailer, which you can access after getting out of the main house, and you’ll find the toilet there. Inside, you’ll find 44 MAG ammo.

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