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Resident Evil 7 Nightmare Mode: How to Get More Scrap


Resident Evil 7 Nightmare Mode: How to Get More Scrap

Gotta get scrappy.

Resident Evil 7 Nightmare Mode – Getting Scrap

Scrap is the main form of currency that you’ll be making use of in Resident Evil 7’s new Nightmare mode. With this, you’ll be able to purchase weapons, ammunition, healing items, and even character upgrades for Clancy as you try to survive the Molded onslaught in the basement. Listed below are a few ways you can obtain Scrap in the mode:

Activate the compactors: There are a few compactors in the basement. Activate them, and they’ll start generating Scrap. Each compactor can only hold 1,000 pieces however, so make sure to collect them so that the generation process continues.

Surviving an hour: At the end of each hour, you’ll be given a bonus 1,000 Scrap for surviving. This should give you a nice amount to spend stocking up on healing items and any ammo that you may need to replenish.

Beating bosses: At the end of certain hours, you’ll be tasked with taking down a boss character. On top of the 1,000 pieces you’ll receive for surviving that hour, you’ll also get a small bonus for defeating the boss.

Spending Nightmare points: The better you perform, the higher your Nightmare score will be. With enough points, you can purchase special bonuses from the mode’s main menu, and one of these will give you a higher amount of starting Scrap.

For more tips, tricks, and information on Resident Evil 7 and its new Nightmare mode, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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