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Resident Evil 7: How to Get the Lucas Password


Resident Evil 7: How to Get the Lucas Password

The Lucas Password – Resident Evil 7

On your way through Resident Evil 7, you’ll have to explore a Testing Area that Lucas Baker seems to have claimed as his own. Unfortunately for us, that means he’s filled it with explosives and all other kinds of dangerous things.

More importantly, however, is the locked door near the item box on the first floor. Approaching the door will trigger Lucas to provide you with three different passwords to try. Unfortunately, the password is none of these, so you’ll just have to go and find it yourself. This will require you to continue to avoid mines, tripwires, and plenty of Molded enemies.

Keep making your way through the area until you reach the barn. In here, you’ll take on a Fat Molded enemy. It’s a little taller than previous ones and has the ability to spray you with bile from a distance, so you’ll want to use the pile of hay in the center of the room to protect yourself from these attacks. Even better, you’ll be able to use your weapons on its head while behind it. Keep circling this haystack, unloading bullets into the creature’s head. After a while, its head won’t be able to take anymore and it’ll drop for good.

Make your way into the lift that the abonimation came through and head upstairs. Make your way through the corridor up here to a room with a desk and a burnt corpse. Check the file that’s stuck to it to find out Lucas’ password, 1408.

And there you have it, that’s the password you need to open the door and gain access to the Happy Birthday VHS Tape. For more tips, tricks, and guides for Resident Evil 7, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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