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Resident Evil 7 Steroids: How to Get Them, What They Do


Resident Evil 7 Steroids: How to Get Them, What They Do

Steroids – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Steroids are a rare item in Resident Evil 7 that will prove invaluable to players having a tough go at staying alive. These handy items permanently increase your max health, allowing you to take more damage without needing to heal. There are three known locations of Steroids in Resident Evil 7 so far, and you’ll want to get all of them if possible (especially when playing on Normal or Madhouse).

First Location of Steroids

This one is located inside the house and is easy to get to. You just need to obtain the Fireplace Treasure Photo first. It’s right next to where you find the Scorpion Key in the processing area. Once you have the photo, head to the drawing room (it’s the area you first accessed by solving the light puzzle in the main hall). Go to the fireplace and interact with the large gray stone.

Second Location of Steroids

The second Steroids item you’ll find is located in the trailer you use as a sort of hub after finally escaping the main house. It’s in a bird cage on the counter in front of you when you first walk in. You’ll need three Antique Coins to unlock the cage.

Third Location of Steroids

The final location we know of for this useful Resident Evil 7 item is in the testing area. You can’t access this building until you’ve collected the red and blue keycards (which is part of the story, so you can’t miss them). When you’re in the main hall, look for an open cage in the storage room at the end of the hall. You’ll find it there.

We’ll be sure to update if we uncover any more. If you need help with any other part of Resident Evil 7, be sure to check out our wiki.

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