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Resident Evil 7: How to Beat All Enemies Easily


Resident Evil 7: How to Beat All Enemies Easily

How to Beat Molded

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There will be some story spoilers ahead in order to describe the enemies and how to defeat them. Read ahead at your own risk.

The Molded are the basic enemies in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. They aren’t exactly zombies, although some are formed from dead humans. They’re created when the virus completely takes over a body, controlling its every move and basically making the person a murderous puppet. There are four types you’ll come across in the game : normal, clawed, crawler, bloated. The bloated variant is more of a mini-boss type that you’ll only see a few times in the game.

If you’d rather avoid these enemies you have two advantages. With the exception of the crawler, they’re incredibly slow. Yes they will pick up the pace when they spot you, but you can outrun and avoid their attacks as long as you don’t panic. The second advantage is that they can’t open doors. So you can just close the door behind you and they’ll give up the chase. If you want to kill them, however, you can take out each type relatively easy.

Normal – The slowest and weakest of the bunch (don’t underestimate them on Madhouse difficulty, though). A few shots to the head with a handgun, or a single shotgun blast takes these out with ease. Since they’re slow you can even rely on your knife to defeat them on Easy. Just block after every couple of swings. It takes way more hits on Normal difficulty, and you shouldn’t even try on Madhouse.

Clawed – These look like normal molded, only they have one larger sharp hand and can take a bit more punishment. If you’re in a tight spot, shoot the arm off first to limit their attack capabilities. After that, they’re dealt with just like the normal guys.

Crawlers – These little buggers are fast and stay low to the ground. They attack your legs or use leaping attacks to do massive damage and scare the crap out of you. Shotguns are your best bet, as a single shot to the head can take one out, and it’s difficult to hit their smaller skulls with a pistol. Neuro Rounds from the grenade launcher are very useful here as well, as they can paralyze infected, making it easier to shoot them.

Bloated – These are just large, fat molded that vomit up mold, blood, and pus. They take a lot of damage but are incredibly slow, so just keep moving around as you shoot them in the head. Fire seems to stun them a bit as well, so if you have a Burner, light them up then switch to another gun. Remote Bombs are highly effective against this type, too. Just keep in mind, when you take the Bloated down, move away. They explode a few seconds after dying.

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