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New Dark Souls III Glitch Lets Players Invade Others Within Boss Fight Arenas

Dark Souls III, Ashes of Aridanel

New Dark Souls III Glitch Lets Players Invade Others Within Boss Fight Arenas

Revitalizing the PVP scene.

The PVP scene in Dark Souls III has been feeling a little stagnant for a while, but here’s something that is sure to revitalize the game until it inevitably gets patched out. For the longest time, invaders could only enter another player’s world and attempt to kill them while they were running around the levels. However, hosts could escape the invaders simply by going through the fog walls and triggering the boss fight of the area.

With this new glitch, invaders will be able to enter the boss rooms along with the host. First off, it’s important to note that if you want to attack the host and the boss, you need to have the Mound Makers covenant item equipped. Going in without a covenant item will allow you to be summoned as a white phantom, and you’ll essentially be forcing the host to take you in as an additional co-op partner.

Once you have the Mound Makers item equipped, use the Red Eye Orb to start looking for invasions. When the in-game message pops up to let you know that a world has been found, attempt to use the Darksign. Immediately after that, use a talisman to cast a healing miracle (Heal Aid is your best option), and then consume a health Estus after that. You’ll be summoned into the host’s world as a purple phantom that can enter boss arenas.

This glitch is pretty broken at the moment, and it’s very likely that From Software will patch it sooner rather than later. Dark Souls III is now available on PC and consoles.

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