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Insomniac Games Releases Statement Against New US Immigration Policy


Insomniac Games Releases Statement Against New US Immigration Policy

Here’s what they had to say

Insomniac Games is best known for their work on PS1 titles like the PS1 Spyro series and Ratchet and Clank. Earlier today, their founder and CEO Ted Price made a video in regard to the company’s stance on the recent immigration executive order. In his statement, he says that a ban based on religious faith is something that goes against Insomniac games’ non-discrimination company policy.

Price made his statement with his staff standing behind him as a show of solidarity. He mentions that many of his employees are from around the world and feel strongly about this new policy. Price ends the video by encouraging those who agree with him to call their congressman to express their views or to support worthy causes. You can watch the full statement on Insomniac Games’ official YouTube channel.

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Chelsea is a gamer, fangirl, writer and activist. She is just as comfortable defending her OTPs as she is protesting for worthy causes. She has an encyclopedic knowledge about anything pop culture. You can find her playing games online under the username Chilliepop.

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