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Guerrilla Cambridge, the Killzone Mercenary Dev, Is Closing Down


Guerrilla Cambridge, the Killzone Mercenary Dev, Is Closing Down

Will not affect Horizon Zero Dawn.

Guerrilla Cambridge, the developer which created the PlayStation Vita game Killzone Mercenary, is closing its doors after 19 years. Sony confirmed the closure in a statement to and called the resulting layoffs “regrettable.”

Sony stated that the decision to close Guerrilla Cambridge came after a review of all of PlayStation’s current projects and resources stating: “in order to deliver on our strategic objectives, it is necessary to make some changes to the European studios structure.”

Guerrilla Games Amsterdam, the developer of the main Killzone installments and the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn will not be affected by the closure.

Sony has also stated that it will try to “where possible… try to reallocate people onto other projects” and will speak to other local game developers about possible recruitment. The statement went on to read:

“Whilst we accept that this decision will mean that we risk losing high calibre staff, by focusing on other Studios with exciting new projects in development, (including continued work on PlayStation VR), we believe we will be in a stronger position going forward and able to offer the best possible content of the highest quality to our players.

“This decision should not take anything away from the incredible games and services that Guerrilla Cambridge has delivered.”

Guerrilla Cambridge has contributed a lot to the gaming industry over the past19 years. It was previously known as SCEE Cambridge Studio and has made big games such as the launch VR title RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, the classic original PlayStation franchise MediEvil, Primal, and the PS Vita game Killzone Mercenary.

We wish all the employees there the best of luck and hope they go on to bigger and better things.


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