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Gravity Rush 2: How to Get Precious Gems


Gravity Rush 2: How to Get Precious Gems

In Gravity Rush 2, precious gems are critical for raising Kat’s combat abilities. Unfortunately if you’re trying to just casually or quickly play through Gravity Rush 2, precious gems are pretty hard to come by when you’re not going out of your way to get them. Some episodes will have you mining some as a requirement, but by and large, you need to go out of your way to get them.

There are a few ways to get large quantities of precious gems. The most straightforward and easiest way is to just explore the world map. Fly around and pick up every gem you see. There are often many at the very top of buildings and islands that you will be around during the course of the game and also, underneath them.

Occasionally – in the latter half of the game especially – you’ll find lots of square-ish shaped gems instead of the normal diamond looking ones. These are worth 50 precious gems instead of the usual just one, so if you see these precious gems, definitely go out of your way to pick it up as they will save you a ton of farming time.

The other common way to get precious gems is to complete the (green) challenges scattered throughout the world map. The first time you place in each of the three target objectives you will get a large amount of gems. Try and shoot for gold of course, but don’t go crazy going for it if you’re not trying to perfect everything. Settle for bronze or silver and move onto the next if that’s the best you can do, otherwise you’ll be wasting time trying to complete a challenge that you may need some other combat abilities you haven’t unlocked yet to complete.

Finally, the other way to get precious metals is to mine them. In many of the game’s episodes and side quests, you’ll see green orbs coming out of the ground. Smack them open, and out will come some precious gems. Once you unlock Jupiter style, you can crack them open in just one hit. So if you see those orbs, and you’re not in a rush, take a second get ’em all so you can get as much gems as possible.

Once you have a nice count of them, start upgrading your combat abilities and make your Kat the best gravity queen she can be!

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