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Gravity Rush 2: How to Get and Equip Talismans


Gravity Rush 2: How to Get and Equip Talismans

Make Kat even more of a superhero than she already is.

Gravity Rush 2 – Using Talismans

Talismans are new items introduced in Gravity Rush 2 that allow players to enhance Kat’s combat abilities to make her a more effective fighter. By far, the easiest way to obtain them is by going to the mining boat at Banga settlement and talking to Misai about heading out on a mining expedition. This is where you’ll get to break rocks to obtain ore. At the same time, you’ll also have a chance of obtaining special Talisman stones by breaking these rocks. Your stones will be appraised and transformed into proper Talismans once you get back to Banga settlement.

You can also participate in online events that are indicated on your map and the Announcements page in your menu. Not all events will reward you with Talismans, however, so your best bet is to complete mining expeditions.

Once you’ve collected enough Talismans, you can equip them through your main menu. You can equip up to three different shaped Talismans, so be sure to check their effects and synergize the different abilities while choosing which ones you want to take with you.

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