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What’s New in Destiny: The Dawning? Everything You Need To Know


What’s New in Destiny: The Dawning? Everything You Need To Know

Winter Wonderland.

Sparrow Racing League Has Returned

Destiny: The Dawning

For those who have been itching to get their high-octane fix in Destiny, you won’t have to wait much longer as SRL is returning with The Dawning. This competitive racing format sees six Guardians take their modified Sparrows to a variety of race tracks to prove who’s the fastest. Unlike the first appearance of SRL, there are actually four maps this time as opposed to the original two. Two of these race tracks were revealed at the PlayStation Experience last week and have vastly different layouts and hazards.

One of the tracks is set on Mercury and has our racers attempt to navigate through hostile Vex territory, as they try to kill any Guardian zipping past. This track’s most prominent features are a variety of warp gates and jumps over massive gaps that could give players the upper hand. Users will also have to contend with the massive sun that can obscure the driver’s vision with its glare.

In contrast, the other new map shown offers players the chance to race around Felwinter Peak. This race track is slightly more traditional and features a variety of weaving paths through caves, forests, and even some ancient pipelines scattered throughout. Users will also have to contend with not only the Devil Splicers but also a variety of Hive enemies as well during their race.

Accompanying these two new maps will be the original race tracks from when SRL launched last year, all of which will be a new permanent fixture in the Destiny universe. While The Dawning will be a timed event, SRL will stick around forever, allowing racers to compete against each other whenever they please. This will come with quests from Amanda Holiday and a variety of new Sparrows and racing outfits for players to obtain. Unlike last year’s SRL, all of the racing gear is infusible up to the max Light Level, allowing you to take this gear into high-level content like Nightfalls or Raids.

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