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The Last Guardian: How Long It Is to Beat


The Last Guardian: How Long It Is to Beat

How Long The Last Guardian Is

The Last Guardian isn’t the longest game compared to this season’s AAA titles. With a story so subtle and emotional, it tries not to overstay its welcome. That isn’t to say you’ll pass through the game like a breeze, though.

On average, The Last Guardian takes somewhere close to ten hours to complete. This can vary, however, on your personal progress. The platforming solutions aren’t very overt, and early puzzles will teach you to really consider your environment, even if it takes you a while to learn. Trico and the narrator will drop hints if you stall for too long, but there are definitely places where you’ll spend more than the average amount of time just trying to move forward. These moments can add up to an additional couple hours of play time.

There aren’t any side quests or collectibles to eat up your time, though you can spend some extra minutes delivering barrel treats to Trico. All in all, The Last Guardian is a tight experience, and its length feels perfect considering the focus on puzzles and the budding relationship between a boy and his dog-bird-cat-dragon friend.


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