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Super Mario Run: What Are Toads Used For?


Super Mario Run: What Are Toads Used For?

What Toads Do – Super Mario Run

One of the most unique forms of currency in Super Mario Run are the Toads, which can only be obtained via the Toad Rally. These little people come in a variety of different types that are distinguished by their colors, and each one serves a purpose. The main thing you will be using Toads for is building a variety of different structures that can be used to customize the look and feeling of your Mushroom Kingdom.

Some of the cosmetic features you can buy include fences, large mushrooms, trees, and even statues of the Mario himself. However, some of the items you can purchase extend beyond simply the cosmetic, as Toads can be used to buy Toad Houses, which provide rewards and special items to players. Other important uses for Toads include unlocking new characters and Rainbow Bridges, which can be used to expand the Mushroom Kingdom.

In order to obtain the different color versions, players will need to get Rally Tickets and win a variety of matches in the Toad Rally. Just be careful to not compete against players who are higher ranked, because you can lose a significant amount of Toads if you don’t win. Now get out there, expand your kingdom, and earn that cake from Princess Peach.

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