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Rodeo Stampede: How to Get All Animals


Rodeo Stampede: How to Get All Animals

Gotta Catch’em All!

How to Get All Animals in Rodeo Stampede

One of, if not the biggest driving factor to playing Rodeo Stampede is collecting the massive variety of animals scattered across the different levels. These critters can range from the normal to the unusual to the downright bizarre in their appearance and design. However, capturing every animal in Rodeo Stampede is more about how much time you are willing to put into this game. In order to unlock rare animals that aren’t based around leveling up or boss fights, you will need to simply progress through the game as normal.

Each level will give you new access to different base animals and in turn a variety of exotic variations. These will be found in that level, however the time at which they can appear is totally random. It’s possible to stumble across a rare animal like the Sabertooth Lion that will be running with the stampede. If you see one of these animals, you’ll need to hop on that beast and ride it until the heart meter is completely filled. This will cause them to be captured and join your Rodeo Stampede stables.

In order to unlock many of these animals you will need to upgrade the pens you are holding them, so make sure to begin investing as soon as you get new animals. Many of these creatures skill trees will include an increase in rarer beasts for you to rodeo while riding, which will make this feel like a less grindy affair.

Finally, there are both boss and secret animals that you will need to either buy or work you way up through the levels in order to unlock. These can be obtained by completing a series of tasks or missions that will give you a chance to capture and add this Rodeo Stampede animal to the zoo.

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