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Let It Die: How to Level Up Fast


Let It Die: How to Level Up Fast

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Leveling Up – Let It Die

One of the most important parts of Let It Die is leveling up your fighter so they can take on more difficult enemies and floors. You gain experience in this title by eating mushrooms and killing as many enemies as possible. Once you have done this, players must then make it down to the Waiting Room and interact with Mingo Head to level up. Given that each character only has one life, it’s almost imperative that you’re over leveled for certain areas to ensure survival.

The easiest way to gain EXP is to run floors that are a level or two below your current one, that way you are not putting your hero at too much of a risk. Let It Die is a game that will require grinding, but it can be slightly alleviated by systematically killing every enemy and Hater on each floor. Try to not use your best weapons for this as this will cause them to break but instead use throwaway gear that’s either stored or picked up from fallen foes. Make sure to locate Haters on the floor of your choosing as they offer large amounts of EXP for players.

If you really want to breeze through each floor when leveling up, try dumping a few points into the Luck category as this will increase the amount of coins and critical hit chances you have. More critical strikes mean the enemies will go down faster and this speeds your process up considerably. Consider adding 3 or 4 points early on into Luck, as you will more than earn their worth early on in Let It Die.

Another tip is to eat every mushroom before you head downstairs via the elevator, as it will give you experience regardless of how many you consume. Try and save the more powerful ones until later, but any that give you base healing, or attack and defense bonus should be consumed. Make sure to clear your inventory of them before heading back down the elevator to the Waiting Room. Repeat this process as many times as needed until you have leveled your Let It Die fighter up enough to combat the horrors that await you.

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