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Destiny: How to Get All Super Medals and What They Do


Destiny: How to Get All Super Medals and What They Do

Super Medals – Destiny

Destiny’s latest update did more than just add The Dawning, the newest holiday event. It also added a new scoring system to Strike Playlists that plays out very similarly to the Challenge of the Elders. As you kill enemies and pull off certain feats, you can earn medals that add points to your overall score. These medals are also sometimes necessary to complete specific bounties.

One of the medal types is the Super Medal, and you earn them by… well, using your Super effectively.

The Super Medals and the Super abilities that apply to them are:

  • Hotshot – Golden Gun
  • One Punch – Fist of Havoc
  • One Shot, One Kill – Kill with Shadowshot
  • Entrapment – Trap multiple enemies with Shadowshot
  • Radiant – Radiance
  • Scintillating Steel – Arc Blade
  • Superconductor – Stormtrance
  • Warding Light – Ward of Dawn
  • Big Bang – Void Bomb
  • Forging Fires – Hammer of Sol

To get the corresponding medal, you have to not only use the Super, but also get some kills in the process, or affect a certain number of enemies at once (such as with Entrapment). One of the easiest ones to use is Superconductor, as it’s long lasting, spreads across enemies, and is very powerful.

Good luck collecting those Super Medals, Guardians.

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