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Destiny: What a Paper Fortune Is and How to Get One


Destiny: What a Paper Fortune Is and How to Get One

Paper Fortunes – Destiny: The Dawning

Today saw the arrival of a small mystery to Destiny’s holiday event. Paper Fortunes have arrived at The Tower, bringing with them mysterious, possibly meaningless messages.

You can acquire a Paper Fortune from a Box of Fortunes in The Tower. You’ll find it sitting in front of the gates that used to lead to the Iron Banner, where The Dawning gifts have been placed so far. After opening this box, you’ll receive both a Paper Fortune and the Dawning Fortunes Grimoire card:

“Fortune telling at the start of a new year is one of many traditions refugees brought to the Last City. Each Dawning, Guardians open mysterious boxes containing paper fortunes, hoping for luck and good news”

The Paper Fortunes themselves carry various messages. Some foretell success in the Crucible, others mention Destiny NPCs bringing disappointment or surprise. Reddit has been keeping a list of reported Paper Fortune messages so far, which you can check out over here.

Some speculate that these messages will become mission objectives down the line, or that the Paper Fortunes will play some sort of larger purpose in obtaining a special item during The Dawning. Others think that these notes are hinting towards the future of Destiny’s story, especially considering the fortunes that reference the Traveler, the Darkness, and your legacy as a Guardian. Check out some of the more profound-sounding fortunes:

  • Great changes are on the horizon for you.
  • Nothing sleeps forever. Not even the Traveler.
  • The Speaker will dream of beautiful and terrible things.
  • The Traveler will smile upon you.
  • The world shivers with the sense of change. Anything is possible.
  • When all is lost, you will still be a Guardian, and you will still be enough.
  • You are not alone. The Tower stands with you. The City stands behind you, cautiously.
  • You stood by the City in its hour of greatest need, and you will do so again.
  • You will hear the old stories. You will learn secrets.
  • You will not be forgotten.
  • You will not be alone in the dark.
  • You will travel to new places and make new Friends.

These fortunes could also do nothing grand at all. Given their Grimoire entry, it seems they could be meant as a small interaction with Destiny lore. On top of that, they all sound like your typical fortune-telling fair — vague enough to reflect some kind of knowledge, and possibly devoid of actual meaning.

We’ll keep you updated as more of the Paper Fortune mystery unfolds. Until then, you can check out all The Dawning unlockables and secrets here.

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