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Destiny The Dawning: Variation on a Theme Quest Guide & Rewards


Destiny The Dawning: Variation on a Theme Quest Guide & Rewards

Variation on a Theme – Destiny: The Dawning

Destiny’s holiday event, The Dawning, steps things up from last year. While Year Two introduced the Sparrow Racing League (SRL) and some cool rewards, this year sees a few more quests for Guardians to embark on as well.

Where to Get Variation on a Theme – Destiny: The Dawning

One of those new quests is obtained from Zavala, the Titan Vanguard representative that can be found in the Tower. It is called Variation on a Theme and it will take you on a tour through the newly updated strikes.

How to Complete Variation on a Theme – Destiny: The Dawning

The first strike is The Shadow Thief which sees Taniks become “perfected.” The Strike is largely the same, only this time you’ll have to deal with SIVA infected enemies instead of normal Fallen, and the final boss fight is a bit different. Taniks draws power from the SIVA clusters in the room, so you must destroy those first if you hope to damage him.

The second part of Variation on a Theme has Ikora Rey asking you to take on an upgraded Nexus Strike. The upgrades come in the form of Taken enemies as well as a Relic during the final boss fight. Charge up the Relic and fire it at the boss to take down its shield, then destroy it.

The final Strike is the Omnigul Strike. Thankfully the enemies stay the same here. The main difference is that places players use to hide are filled with a fog that slow you down and weaken you, forcing you into the cramped room with the boss. Also, Omnigul will disappear from time to time, and make you kill all her minions if you want to face her again.

Variation on a Theme Rewards – Destiny: The Dawning

After completing these tough new challenges that make up Variation on a Theme, Zavala will turn around and give you a… Skeleton Key. That’s it.

Safe travels, Guardians..

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