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Destiny The Dawning: How To Beat The Nexus Strike (Year 3)


Destiny The Dawning: How To Beat The Nexus Strike (Year 3)

The Nexus Strike (Year 3) – Destiny: The Dawning

One of the three updated strikes that has entered Destiny’s roster is The Nexus, which is the last Year One strike to get scaled for end game content. However, this strike has arrived with a few new changes that may throw some players for a loop if they’re not looking for the specific mechanics. While the strike itself follows the same route, Bungie has not only added The Taken as the main adversaries, but included mechanics that players haven’t seen since the Vault of Glass raid.

When you start the strike, proceed into the lobby of the building and engage the waves of Taken foes that will spawn there. In order to advance, players will need to kill three major level Taken Captains that appear one at a time. Focus fire these enemies so they die quickly and then proceed up the staircase and through the various hallways until you’re notified of a barrier that needs to be destroyed. Outside in the courtyard, you’ll see several enemies along with an orb and slot for the relic on opposite sides of the map. Task one player with carrying the orb and then escort him or her across the grounds until they can interact with the pseudo keyhole so the orb vanishes.

Now make your way to the front of the barrier and stand on the plate, this will begin to charge up so make sure to say on it while this is happening. If an enemy enters or you step off, it will decay quickly and you’ll need to start over.  Once the barrier falls, continue through the strike like you would normally until you reach the boss.

Once you begin the Nexus Strike boss fight the Taken form of this Vex death machine will form, along with a large barrier and a relic shield. Designate one team member to grab the shield, using its bash ability to obliterate some of the other enemies that will spawn. After you have some breathing room, have the shield bearer use their super while holding the relic so it fires a projectile at the boss. This will drop his shield and open him up for some damage before the shield respawns in another location. Repeat this process four or five times and you will slay this returning boss and beat the Year 3 Nexus Strike

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