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Destiny: All Strike Medals, How to Get Them, and What They Do


Destiny: All Strike Medals, How to Get Them, and What They Do

All Strike Medals – Destiny

Destiny has a brand new scoring mechanic for its Strike Playlists that reward players for getting a lots of kills, completing things quickly, and just being an all around badass Guardian. You can also earn Strike Medals while playing, which provide bonus points for your efforts, and are sometimes required to complete some of the new Bounties you can obtain from the Vanguard in the Tower.

There are 40 Strike Medals in all, and we’ve listed them for you below along with how to earn them. (Note: There remain a few unconfirmed medal requirements. We’ll update this list as we learn more!)


Bronze Contender – Appears after reaching around 15,000 points.

Bronze Tier Award Achieved – Finished with a score between 15,000 and 30,000 points. (Stacks with higher medals)

Silver Contender – Reached 30,000 points.

Silver Tier Achieved – Finished with a score between 30,000 and 45,000 points. (Stacks with higher medals)

Gold Contender – Reach 45,000 points.

Gold Tier Achieved – Finished with a score at or above 45,000 points.

Indestructible – Complete a Strike without dying.

Flawless – Complete the Strike without anyone on your Fireteam dying.

Time Bonus – Finish a Strike quickly.

Heavy Streak – Three rapid kills with a Heavy weapon.

Heavy Spree – Five rapid kills with a Heavy Weapon.

Heavy Rampage 

Special Streak – Get three kills with any special weapon.

Special Spree – Get five kills with any special weapon.

Special Rampage

Primary Streak – Get three rapid kills with any Primary weapon.

Primary Spree – Get five rapid kills with any Primary Weapon.

Primary Rampage

Rainbow – Get Primary, Secondary, and Heavy streaks in quick succession.

Fireteam Streak – The entire team must get kills in rapid succession.

Takedown – Get a Melee kill.

Explosive – Get a kill with a Grenade ability.

Explosive Streak – Get three kills with a Grenade ability.

Tactical – Get kills while low on health.

Brutal Efficiency

Aegis of Light – Use the Aegis Relic to kill enemies.

Concentrated Fire – Focus fire on a single enemy with your teammates.

Cycle of Light – Create an Orb of Light.


Super Medals

Hot Shot – Get a Golden Gun kill as a Gunslinger Hunter.

One Punch – Get a Fist of Havoc kill as a Striker Titan.

One Shot, One Kill – Get a Shadowshot kill as a Nighstalker Hunter.

Entrapment –  Trap multiple enemies with Shadowshot while playing as a Nightstalker Hunter.

Radiant – Get kills while under the effects of Radiance while playing as a Sunsinger Warlock.

Scintillating Steel – Get kills with the Arcblade while playing as a Bladedancer Hunter.

Superconductor – Get kills using Stormtrance while playing as a Stormcaller Warlock.

Warding Light – Activate a Ward of Dawn while playing as a defender Titan.

Big Bang – Get Kills with a Void Bomb while playing as a Voidwalker Warlock.

Forging Fires – Get kills with the Hammer of Sol while playing as a Sunbreaker Titan.


That’s all there is to Strike medals. Now go out there and show them the power of your Light, Guardian.

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