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5 Nintendo Games That Could Implode the App Store


5 Nintendo Games That Could Implode the App Store

Plenty of potential to follow Mario.

Advance Wars

Advance Wars Nintendo

Nintendo is finally diving into mobile gaming, with Pokemon GO still ongoing and Super Mario Run releasing today. Now that the gaming legend has its sights on smartphones, here are five Nintendo IPs so perfect for mobile gaming that their sheer presence would utterly ravage the app store.

There’s something to be said about turn-based strategy games being perfect for smartphones. The fact that it’s not real-time means you can break away whenever you want, they’re the perfect way to tax your brain on a long journey, and touch screen controls become far less of an issue when you’re not frantically swiping the screen.

For those unfamiliar with Advance Wars, each game is made up of a number of grid-based maps. Players are put in control of one army and must eliminate the forces of either their AI or human opposition. Having both of these options available on a smartphone version of the game would mean you’d never be without an opponent to play, be it on a plane, or on your morning commute to work.

It’s been eight years since we last saw an entry into the Advance Wars series, and that’s a crying shame considering how consistently great the series was. With Nintendo due to bring its Fire Emblem series to smartphones sometime in 2017, Advance Wars feels like another obvious avenue they can use to offer some turn-based strategic goodness on the go.

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