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Watch Dogs 2: How to Switch Weapons


Watch Dogs 2: How to Switch Weapons

Switch Weapons – Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 gives players a lot of different mechanics that they can utilize to really customize their playstyle. You can rely solely on hacking, use a mixture of combat and technological trickery, or just go in guns blazing. If you’re trying to do anything other than just hacking, you’ll more than likely find yourself utilizing the weapons in the game. Switching between them can be a little hectic during frantic firefights, especially since every single button on your controller is attached to something.

To switch weapons, hold up on the d-pad then use the right thumbstick to move around the weapon wheel. You’ll find your unlocked explosives and mass hacks, your Stun Gun (always in the top slot), and two weapon slots. Just highlight the weapon you want to use and you’ll equip it. Make sure to have those weapon slots filled up, so you’re actually switching to something when you try to.

When you want to brandish or holster a weapon, just quickly tap up on the d-pad rather than hold it. This will select the last weapon you chose. Be sure to hide your weapon when trying to blend into the crowd, or else you’ll alert officials of your craziness.

For more Watch Dogs 2 help, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for guides and tips!

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