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Ubisoft and Netflix in Talks For a Possible New Series


Ubisoft and Netflix in Talks For a Possible New Series

Let it be Far Cry!

In a report by Reuters, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot talked a little about his desire to keep the studio independent, while fending off the Vivendi takeover. More interestingly, Guillemot also mentioned that the company was currently in talks with Netflix, and it’s possible that the two could be partnering up to produce a new series.

‘The head of French software games developer Ubisoft reiterated on Monday his desire to keep Ubisoft independent, in the face of pressure from shareholder Vivendi, and added Ubisoft was in talks with Netflix over a series.’

As they’re still in talks, we don’t have any details on what this new series could possibly be, but it’ll likely be based off of one of Ubisoft’s popular franchises. There’s already an Assassin’s Creed live movie adaptation coming this December, so perhaps the company will look at its other IPs when deciding what this new series should kick off from. Which franchise would you like to see as a TV series? Let us know in the comments down below.

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