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The Best 2016 Comic Book Movies, Ranked


The Best 2016 Comic Book Movies, Ranked

Bam! Zap! Pow!

6. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Officially kicking off the DC Extended Universe, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice saw two of the most iconic comic book superheroes of all time squaring off, marking their first ever live-action confrontation.

Unfortunately, this movie requires a very specific taste. It’s a character study rather than a full-blown action spectacle, with its almost three hour long run-time and overly gritty tone not necessarily appealing to all audiences.

Despite the Ultimate Edition fixing some of the film’s biggest pacing issues, Batman v Superman still feels like DC’s feverish answer to Marvel’s The Avengers, rushing these beloved characters rather than taking the time to fully flesh them out. This leads to some questionable motives, gaping plot holes, and overall poorly executed developments that could have been tackled so much better.

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