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Pokemon Sun & Moon: Where to Get a Fossil (Plume, Skull, Armor, Cover)


Pokemon Sun & Moon: Where to Get a Fossil (Plume, Skull, Armor, Cover)

Prehistoric Pokemon!

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Fossil Pokemon

Fossils are back in Sun and Moon, and you can obtain two of them once you reach KoniKoni City on the second island. The story will require you to head into the jewelry shop, and you can talk to the old lady standing behind the counter to see what fossils she has for sale. In Pokemon Moon, she’ll have the Armor and Plume fossils for sale. In Sun, however, she’ll have the Skull and Cover fossils. You can buy one of each fossil from here, and these will reward you with a different fossil Pokemon. Do note that each fossil will cost your 7,000 Poke Dollars. If you have the cash, buy them both now so you won’t have to worry about them later. Here is what each of the fossils yield.

Armor – Shieldon (Rock, Steel)


Plume – Archen (Rock, Flying)


Skull – Cranidos (Rock)


Cover – Tirtouga (Water, Rock)


Now that you’ve obtained whichever you chose, you need to turn them into actual creatures you can use in battle. Head to Route 8, and look for the side path that leads to the Fossil Center, where you’ll find a man and his RV. Talk to him, and you’ll be able to convert your fossils into Pokemon. And that’s all you need to know about the fossil process in this game.

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