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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Fast Travel and Get Around Faster


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Fast Travel and Get Around Faster

How to Fast Travel and Get Around Faster – Pokemon Sun and Moon

When you first start your adventure in Pokemon Sun and Moon, you’re restricted to just running when it comes to getting around the world faster. Luckily, you don’t have to wait too long before getting faster movement options. After you defeat the first island’s Kahuna, you will unlock your first Poke Ride Pokemon, Tauros. Not only can Tauros break rocks with its charge, that same charge also gets you around a lot faster as long as you can control it decently well (it’s not hard). Just keep in mind that you can still get in battles with wild Pokemon while riding Tauros or any of the Poke Ride Pokemon.

Still, even with Tauros, there’s still the problem of how to fly and fast travel to places you’ve been before. That’s where Poke Ride Charizard comes in. After completing fire captain Kiawe’s trial on top of the volcano, you will unlock the ability to call on Charizard via Poke Ride. Once selected, you can zoom into the world map, and fly anywhere that has a feather symbol on it (Pokemon Centers and other major landmarks you’ve been to before). This should save you a ton of time getting around in Sun and Moon.

That does it for how to fast travel, fly, and get around faster in Sun and Moon! If you’re looking for more Sun and Moon guides, be sure to search Twinfinite!

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