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Pokemon Sun and Moon: All Pokemon that Can Rock Smash


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All Pokemon that Can Rock Smash

Rock Smash: Pokemon Sun and Moon

Things are done a little different in the Alola Region, Pokemon Sun and Moon’s new world. One of the differences is that HMs aren’t used. In their place we have the Poke Ride mechanic. This allows players to summon special Pokemon once they’re met to help them explore the world by using their unique abilities such as flight and surfing. One of the abilities you will need while playing Pokemon Sun and Moon is Rock Smash. There are two different monsters that can use this ability, although they are for different uses.

The first is Taruos. You’ll use this one on land when you need to charge through some obstacles barring your path. As long as you’re on land, you can summon Tauros to Rock Smash, and it’s good way to move around quickly as the move is pretty fast.

The second is Sharpedo which, if you can’t tell by its name, is what you’ll use on water. It surfs much faster than Lapras, and has the ability to use Rock Smash on water obstacles as well as jump.

Once you add them to your Poke Ride system, you’re good to go. Just note that you can’t add them to your party, as these are for everyone to use. You can, however, get these Pokemon elsewhere for your collection.


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