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Planet Coaster: How to Hire Janitors and Mechanics


Planet Coaster: How to Hire Janitors and Mechanics

Planet Coaster makes you take charge of a theme park, and with that responsibility comes the reality you will soon have to come to terms with; rides will break down, and people will definitely throw up everywhere.

That’s right, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. When a ride breaks down, you’ll need a mechanic. When there’s trash and vomit everywhere, you’ll need a janitor. It’s important to keep in mind how many you’ll need for your park size, as well. In order to hire them, head over to the Park Management screen (bottom left button you can push on your screen). Then, tab over to the Staff page. From here, the first left-hand tab with the plus sign will allow you to hire Maintenance (Janitors and Mechanics) and Entertainers. Go ahead and click either the janitor or mechanic and then place them out into the world.

The other tabs will show you everyone’s happiness, and also allow you to build Work Rosters. Be sure to keep your janitors and mechanics happy over time by providing them training and raises. This way, they’ll keep working for you and even perform better!

For more help with Planet Coaster, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for even more guides and tips!

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