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Killing Floor 2: How to Kill The Patriarch Easily


Killing Floor 2: How to Kill The Patriarch Easily

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Patriarch – Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is a waved-based game that will force you to fight hordes upon hordes of angry, mutated monsters called Zeds. At the end of each game, one of two bosses will appear, with the familiar Patriarch returning from the original title. The former creator of the Zeds, this mutated man is the most powerful enemy in Killing Floor 2 and can easily kill your entire squad with one attack.

The Patriarch has a number of abilities, with one of his most used being an invisible cloak that he can activate at will. This allows him to close the distance with relative ease if he’s not spotted and he will almost always use this at the start of the fight. Keep a look out for a slight shimmer, as this will indicate where the Patriarch is. He will usually target the player who is farthest from his position, so try to not split up too much during this battle. If you deal any real damage to him the cloak will deactivate and your team can begin the fight.

For actual weapons, the Patriarch utilizes a minigun, melee attacks, and a mortar attack that can all do significant damage. His standard attacks are going to be the minigun and melee strikes, so if you always have some form of cover you should be fine. The last thing you want is to have him focus fire on you with literally no place to hide. Patriarch’s damage is insane on any difficulty, so thinking you can get close to him and tank his DPS is not a smart choice.

When you are fighting him, try to follow the same principles as Dr. Hans Volder, using your team to form a circle or square around him so he can be constantly shot at. Clumping together is not a smart choice as his attacks can hit multiple people which will thin your numbers fast. Patriarch’s two main weak points are his right forearm and the tentacle bursting from his chest. You can easily tell when you are hitting his weak spot because green blood will pour out from him after each hit. Do not shoot at his gun arm or his left leg as you will do virtually no damage at all.

Once he reaches about half health, this guy will run off and attempt to heal himself. Now, if your team is feeling confident in your damage output it’s possible to chase him down and kill him before he heals. This will make the fight far easier, though it’s not necessary to win. Patriarch will heal two times during the battle, so if he runs off take the brief few seconds to gather ammo or heal allies.

Good weapons to pick up against him are rocket launchers, the Rail Gun, and even a good melee weapon so you can parry his attacks. Also, each teammate should grab one of the four healing weapons so if your medic dies it’s possible to still sustain your allies’ health bar. This is usually a long and grueling fight, so always max out your ammo and armor before the final round begins, as you won’t get another chance.

This is Killing Floor 2’s scariest foe so make sure that your team is prepared when going into the fight. If your team sticks together and constantly heals each other, then you should have no problem dismantling the head of this warped family.

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